15 Best Car Seat Protectors

Car seats, children and cleanliness don’t go hand in hand. When kids as well as pets accompany you in car journeys; spills, scratches, damages, indentations from booster seats are sure to happen. To avoid all of these and to keep your seat looking fresher, new and healthy always, it is recommended to opt for a car seat protector.

Made of waterproof material these protectors can be easily installed on to the car seat to make sure your seats don’t get spoiled even after years of use. Most of the protectors come with handy storage pockets to provide easy access to interesting stuff that kids always wish to carry and keep close to them. These protectors also allow easy usage of seat belts and booster seat latches.

Internet is studded with car seat covers and therefore it is an absolute must to understand properly what one wants and what the quality of covers is, for there is no point in repenting later. What is required is a thorough understanding of one’s need so that one can sit comfortably and enjoy the comforts of the car. We have listed 15 best car seat protectors and you can take a look at their features and specifications so that you can decide to pick the one that is sure to suit your needs. Always keep in mind that the protector must be apt for your car type and also look out for the type of protection that it provides. So, it is time to revamp your car ride experiences and let kids live to the fullest.

1. Lyork Car Seat Protector

If you are looking to protect your seat from baby car seat carriers or your pet, this car seat protector is a wonderful choice as it comes in an extra large size and can be used in all sorts of vehicles be it trucks, SUV, Jeep etc. The material is not just waterproof but also anti slip and comfortable. The strap used for connecting the protector to the seat from the headrest is adjustable. You will also get two pockets for keeping stuff like books, bottles, candies, toys etc for quick access. With the premium tab, the protector can be tucked in for a better fit.

2. Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector

For the ultimate protection, this car seat protector is made up of 9 layers. Where the top most layer is waterproof, the underside is designed to grip the seat strongly so that the protector doesn’t move from its position. You can attach it to the seat by using the headrest strap and adjust it as per requirement. There is also a tucking tab for a more secured fit. The protector is padded with high density foam to maximize the comfort level. The mesh pockets come in handy for keeping little stuff close by.

3. Gimars XL Thickest EPE Cushion Car Seat Protector

Providing a thickly padded cushioned support, Gimars believes in customer comfort and satisfaction. This multi layered protector has a waterproof PU finish outer layer while the bottom sets firmly on the seat and doesn’t budge thus preventing marks and scratches. Meant to fit almost all car models, this protector can be securely attached at the headrest and with the help of the tab. The two mesh pockets can hold plenty of stuff that you might need quick access to. It is quite easy to clean and maintain it as all you need to do is wipe it off at intervals.

4. Munchkin Brica Elite Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

Messes with babies are sure to happen and if you want to keep your car seat clean and well maintained go for this protector that comes with an extra tall back panel to provide the ultimate protection. This one is made to last for years till your child grows to around 7 to 8 years of age. With dual grip, the protector won’t budge off its place once attached. The walls of the lower panel are raised and thus spills and crumbs get collected and your car is sure to stay cleaner.

5. Diono Ultra Mat

In order to protect your seat from scratches, spills, indentations etc, the Diono ultra mat works like magic. It is a full size mat covering the backrest as well as the seat and it also prevents accidental slipping of the baby booster seat. It attaches well to the seat and the top layer is made out of Oxford fabric thus feeling comfortable. The high density foam padding prevents car seat indentations. You can keep plenty of stuff in the three mesh pockets provided. The protector can be cleaned simply by wiping off and it is water resistant too.

6. Funbliss car seat Cover

Made to work in coordination with the car seat belt and latch functions, this one by Funbliss is the perfect protector you need. The size is big enough to fit several car models. The multi layering makes it an apt choice for your seat. It is waterproof and the finish feels premium. You can keep little stuff in the mesh pockets provided. It only takes a minute or two to install the protector onto the seat and you are then ready to let your kids have fun. It is very easy to clean and maintain the mat as it is machine washable.

7. Smart elf Car Seat Protector

Now traveling with kids will be fun and joyful because you don’t need to be worried about your seats getting spoiled. This protector has all the amazing features to make your seat look brand new even after years of use. There are anti slip dots that keep the protector firmly in place and it does not slip off even with jerks. You can easily set up this protector in almost all car models. All you need to do is adjust the safety strap on the headrest and you are good to go.

8. Dear Auto Car Seat Protector

Designed to provide all round protection to your car seat, this protector protects the seat from wear and tear and also from any sort of mishandling. You will get three mesh pockets to keep stuff like books, toys, knick knacks, etc. The protector comes with an anti slip backing that keeps it stuck at its position once installed. The protector is waterproof and the 5 layers also include a 5 mm EPE foam for better comfort. It is very easy and simple to install the protector on to the seat and let your kids have fun to the fullest.

9. Luilanc Car Seat Protector

When you have little ones and pets with you while traveling in your car, it is always advised to have this protector on. With its multi layers, the car seat protector keeps your seat safe from damages, spills and indentations. The water resistant top prevents the car seat from getting wet and soiled. The protector also features a non slip backing for a perfect fit that does not budge from its place once set up. You can adjust the fitting with the help of the safety connector. The protector is also seat belt and latch compliant.

10. H Helteko Store Car Seat Protector

Coming in a set of 2 pieces, this protector also includes a back seat iPad organizer that serves the purpose of a kick mat too. You get lots of storage space in the form of multiple pockets in the protector as well as the organizer and kids are sure to have a fun time while in the car. The size is larger than most of the other brands and thus you get a better protection for your seat. The material is waterproof and resistant to odor thus making it the perfect piece for kids.

11. Munchkin Auto Seat Protector

Quickly set up and install this car seat protector by Munchkin and let your child sit comfortably without any risk of slipping of the kid car seat. The non skid backing keeps it in place and protects your car and seat from all sorts of damages be it spills, scratches, indentations, etc. The protector also has a thick cushioned padding that provides extra protection as it relieves the pressure of the baby car seat. Kids are also sure to be happy and more excited about this protector as they can keep little stuff in the integrated mesh pocket.

12. Fortem Car Seat Protector

Don’t let your child’s booster seat or your pet damage your car interiors and opt for this amazing protector that will keep your car seat safe. Available in a pack of 2, this protector has a thick padding to ensure better protection from indents and scratches. The Oxford canvas top is of premium quality and feels good to touch. You can install the protector by adjusting the headrest attachment and clicking the high quality buckle closure in place. There is also a tuck tab for added safety.

13. Summer ELITE DuoMat Car Seat Protector

Designed to accommodate almost all baby car seats, this protector does a wonderful job of holding the baby car seat in place and prevents it from slipping or sliding, come what may! The super grip vinyl coupled with the anti slip backing keeps it firm and rigid post installation. The side slots are deep enough to allow free usage of seat belts and latches. You can adjust the back panel as per the height of your seat. The mesh pockets make children very excited as they can keep stuffs like chocolates, cans, toys at accessible distance.

14. Yinuo Car Seat Protector

With a thick padding and premium finish, this car seat protector will prevent damages to your car seat with its 11 layers of protection. Being waterproof, it keeps spillages away and the protector does not soak any liquid thus keeping the seat dry and fresh. You can attach the protector with the safety buckle at the seat head rest and also by tucking the tab into the seat, thus you will be double sure about it installation. The mesh pockets are useful as they can store a lot of kids stuff.

15. INFANZIA Car Seat Protector

The Infanzia car seat protector is one of its kind as it comes with transparent anti slip dots on the top so that the baby car seat does not slip. The protector also has an anti skid backing to ensure it gets a firm grip on the car seat post installation. Its 5 layers of protection including the thick padding is sure to keep your car seat protected from damages as well as scratches. It is easy to maintain and clean the protector as you just need to wipe it with a cloth and that’s it.