15 best Backlit Keyboards

Backlit keyboards are the keyboards that emanate light from the keys making us easy work on laptop even in dark. Most of these keyboards are used as gaming keyboards. The type of keyboards you are using with your system is of paramount significance. It is also important to ensure that you are choosing the best style and design and one of the trendy styles in the current times has to be the backlit keyboards. The backlit keyboards are very stylish and modern choice and it helps in revving up the style factor a great deal. If you too are on the lookout for revving up the overall style appeal of your system, choosing to opt for backlit keyboards seem to be a smart move. Here, we will bring forth some of the best choices as far as backlit keyboards are concerned. You can go through the different options and pick the ones that seem to be the befitting choice for you.

We are sure that you are going to find some of the promising choices here that will serve your need and appeal to your taste as well. The best of backlit keyboards that also pack the finest of features and specification can last long and jazz the overall feel too. So, make sure to keep an eye out on the specifics and match the way the keyboard looks with your system.

1. Rii RK100+ rainbow backlit PC gaming keyboard

The Rii is one of the top rated brands in the world of keyboards. This is one smart model that comes with rainbow LED backlit. It can be used with desktop and even laptops as well. No matter, whether you want to use it for office purpose or even gaming use, this keyboard is sure to be a great companion. It supports a lot of different OS. In order to enter the breathing light mode, you can press the function and the light key. To turn off the backlight, you can press the light button thrice.

2. Redragon K502 RGB gaming keyboard

This keyboard has been designed keeping the gamers in mind. It comes with RGB LED backlit illuminated design. The design is such that the keys padding won’t emit noise and also has the wrist rest option too. It comes with the standards 104 keys and the quiet island style is a great bonus. The keys have less resistance and also has a short key travel too. There are 6 lighting modes and effects as well. You can also turn off the illumination completely if you want.

3. Perixx periboard-317 wired backlit keyboard

Perixx is a popular brand when it comes to stylish keyboards. This one comes with white LED backlight and the illumination is evenly distributed. This ensures easy typing even in dimly lit environment. It comes with a chic let key design that is very trendy and stylish at the same time. The sleek profile and the larger key surface has been designed for the best of form factor. Also the durable membrane key switch provides 5 million times key press life cycle.

4. Redragon S101 wired gaming keyboard

This company makes some of the best gaming keyboards and this model too is a very popular choice. It has a wired structure and comes with the best set of multimedia keys. Not only this, it comes with a backlit gaming mouse. There are 7 different RGB lighting modes and effects. It also comes with anti ghosting feature. It has a full numeric keypad and there are all 104 keys in it. The keys are also designed to be quiet. The integrated wrist rest gives you the comfort you need for marathon gaming sessions.

5. Logitech illuminated ultrathin keyboard

Logitech is one of the top and trusted names in the field of computer related products and this illuminated keyboard model is one of the very best in the market at the moment. It comes with an integrated palm rest option and has soft touch feature too. It is sleek and has an elegant design. The PerfectStroke key system makes every stroke natural and fluid, and the soft-touch palm rest and full-size key layout help you type more comfortably. The layout is full size and the keys are easy to touch. The backlit keys are laser etched and it also has the manual brightness adjustment feature too.

6. Klim Chroma wireless gaming keyboard

Wireless gaming keyboards have their specialties like hot keys, mouse sensitivity, battery life and palm rests. Klim Chroma is one of the smart brands when it comes to keyboards. It is power packed with some of the best features as it is designed to be waterproof and comes with silent keys. The keyboard is wireless which adds to enhanced ease of use. It also has super low response time and can be plugged in and is ready to use. It also comes with a separate function key that helps you make use of several shortcuts. It boasts of the best aesthetics and ergonomics too.

7. Rii three colours backlit business keyboard

This keyboard is designed mainly for business purpose. It comes along with the mouse and has a wired design. The backlight is good and helps in typing even in the dark. It supports several versions of OS and even android TV as well. The mouse too has the backlight feature integrated to it. It is really easy to use and the overall design is sound and spot on as well. It is also likely to last long. It mouse support Windows7/8/10 Gaming PC Laptop Xbox Android TV Box Raspberry Pi.

8. DBPower gaming keyboard with 3 colours

This keyboard is mainly designed keeping the gamers in mind. It comes with LED back light and is also water resistant too. The keyboard boasts of very good ergonomics and has a mechanical feeling as well. There are 104 keys and the striking red light gives the perfect gamer feel. There are 19 non conflict keys as well and several lighting modes to pick from too. It comes with the plug and play feature too and is really easy to operate. The non slip design makes for enhanced ease of use.

9. Pictek RGB wired gaming keyboard

Yet another amazing keyboard designed for gamers, this one packs in quite a look. If you are the kind of person who is particular about the shape of the keyboard and its appearance, this one is a top model you should keep an eye out on. If you accidently spatter some drinks or tea on it, please gently lift and tilt the keyboard to let liquid drain out. It is made using the crater architecture and comes with 8 multimedia keys that are independent. There are also 25 keys for anti-ghosting. The design is splash proof.

10. Adesso Tru-form ergonomic keyboard

This keyboard comes with a really smart design and has a great shape that is ergonomically perfect. There are splitted key zones and the shape is sloped. This help in easy placement of hands and also reduced strain as well. The print keys are large enough to allow for easy typing. It also comes with internet and, multimedia keys too. Along with this, it has a membrane switch as well and the keyboard is likely to last long. The Adesso Tru-Form 150 is also designed with membrane key switches that provide a quieter, faster response and stands up to long term usage.

11. Wireless illuminated keyboard ultra slim design

This full size keyboard comes with a rechargeable battery and has a numeric keypad as well. It can be used with PC, laptop, notebook, computer and more. It is compatible with several versions of OS. This slim backlit PC keyboard has the perfect size with number keys. The ultra slim design makes for a great choice. The light is evenly distributed and it comes with 3 levels of adjustable brightness. It is really easy to use and offers quick access to the necessary keys.

12. Razer Cynosa Chroma gaming keyboard

This gaming keyboard by Razer Cynosa comes with several different features packed into it. The design is made spill resistant for long term use and the macro functionality is top notch. The keyboard is cushioned and is quiet as well. Gamers can execute as many as 10 commands at the same time and there is a built in key rollover too. There is also the provision for gaming immersion and personalization too. The macros are completely programmable. It comes with soft cushioned, individually programmable backlit keys powered by Razer Chroma—and a spill-resistant design.

13. Azio large print keyboard

Available in both wired and wireless design, this keyboard comes with a smart interface. It has large print keys which makes for clear and easy viewing. It is 4 times larger than the conventional computer keyboards and comes with 3 color backlight as well. There are several quick access keys too for multimedia use and this improves the productivity considerably. It supports the plug and play feature and the ergonomic design ensures that you will be able to work and play for long hours with ease.

14. Seenda backlit wireless keyboard

Seenda is a well known brand and this keyboard seems to be packed with the best of features and specifications as well. It boasts of multiple device connection and the ultra slim design ensures great form factor. The Bluetooth keyboard is such that one can easily switch between three devices. You can also sync between several devices and it is a rechargeable model too. The keys are quiet and won’t make noise even with furious typing. The 7 color backlit model is great and makes for amazing dark night visibility.

15. NPRT K10 floating keyboard

Designed exclusively for gamers, this one by NPET is a class apart model. It comes with a floating design and is completely water resistant. It has a mechanical feeling to it and the ultra slim design makes for attractive form factor. It has a rainbow LED that glows amazingly and can aid in easy typing even in darkly lit ambience. It has the standard 104 keys and there are 13 multi media keys as well. The quality is high and top notch and is ergonomic as well. It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Mac OS. They also provide 30-day money back with 24-month replacement.