15 Best 1100 Watt Microwaves of 2020

Are you looking to excel in cooking some of the most scrumptious dishes? There are several cooking gears that are readily available and one of them has to be microwaves. There is no denying the fact that the kind of utility that microwaves have to offer is unmatched. There are plenty of models and companies out there and some of them come with varying functions and features as well. Microwave ovens are easily one of the biggest appliances in the lives of many. People both young and old around the world use microwaves to reheat food, or to simply cook food quickly..

So if you are on the lookout for the best of models, you should surely check out our curated list. All the microwaves listed are of 1100W power and this ensures quick and powerful heating at the same time. Make sure to check the details of other features as well because buying a microwave merely on the basis of power rating doesn’t seem to be a very bright idea.

This is why you need to make sure that you keep na eye out for details. Look for the kind of microwave that will serve your need in the befitting manner and will adhere to the best of quality standards too. Of course, you should also keep an eye out on the budget and the quality factor too. This will help you make the most of your money.


1. Emerson 1100W Microwave

The Emerson microwave comes with nine separate pre-programmed recipes which means that you can cook tons of things easily. It also has a glass turntable that is removable. There are 11 different power levels to pick from and in order to offer improved culinary benefit, it comes with time and weight defrost option. There is also ab LED display which is easy to read and it is present along with a digital clock and a timer that will keep you updated about the cooking progress. It also has the child lock too.

2. Farberware Professional 1100W Microwave

Farberware has managed to make quite a name for itself and this 1100 W microwave is packed with decent specifications. It has 10 power levels so you can choose the power at which you want to cook. Along with this, there are separate functions as you can choose the auto defrost control, 30 second control, pre heat and so on. There are several one touch cooking modes too which ensures easy and efficient cooking of meals based on the actual microwave operation required. It is really easy to operate and comes with a good form factor.

3. Magic Chef 1100W Microwave

This one comes with 10 dedicated power levels and there are 6 one touch programs in built too. This ensures that you will have plenty of ease when you are looking to cook. It also come with the auto defrost option that can be done by weight or time and this makes cooking a whole lot hassle free. There are memory and express cooking functions too for those who aren’t very well versed in the art or cooking. The digital display makes things easier and the control panel gives a lot of customization options too.

4. Farberware 1100W Microwave

Farberware has another stunning entry in the range of 100W microwaves. This model comes with smart sensor cooking and it also runs on inverter precision cooking technology. This is not all as it comes with a super impressive form factor. From having a black stainless steel cutting edge look to offering warmer finish with soft tones, this microwave is not likely to develop finger marks or smudges. There are preset menu options and you can re heat the food seamlessly sans any hassle of training. Owing to the smart functions, there will be no overheating of food.

5. Magic Chef 1100W Microwave

Magic Chef has come up with a really impressive design of microwave as this one has 11 unique power levels which gives plenty of variation to pick from. It comes with a stainless steel front and this ensures that the model has the needed stability and strength. It comes with a black cabinet which adds to the form factor and makes this 1100W microwave super trendy. It also comes with auto cook menus that is great even for novices to make some of the finest scrumptious meals. There is also the child safety lock function integrated to it as well.

6. Panasonic 1100W Microwave

Panasonic is a name known to everyone and this microwave model has been designed in Japan. It is known mainly for the fast cooking it has the offer. It comes with 10 preset cooking options and this includes plenty of meals which means even if you are a novice, you will do good. It also has an auto defrost option too that helps in ensuring that you can clean your fridge sans hassles. Cooking and heating the food using this microwave is a piece of cake. It is also energy saving as well.

7. SHARP 1100W Microwave

If you are on the lookout for a comparatively larger size of microwave that also works efficiently, you should keep an eye out on this model. It comes with a sensor cook menu and other soften options too. Along with this, the turntable system ensures you can make some of the most delicious meals with amazing ease in it. The form factor is impressive as it comes with a stainless steel finish and the glass door happens to be scratch resistant too. There is a touch control panel that comes with blue LED display.

8. Danby 1100W Microwave

Danby is by far one of the common and popular brands you can find. They are known for making efficient and economical models. This one comes with 8 separate sensor cook options and it can easily check the steam or the humidity that is released by the food. This in turn makes it easy to cook food and you have the provision to adjust the power level as per your need. It also has an express cook button too. This ensures super quick and easy cooking. The child lock feature is present too.

9. Panasonic 1100W Microwave

Panasonic has come up with another great option as far as 100W microwave are concerned. This model is known for its amazing form factor as it is sleek and modernistic in design. It comes with touch controls and the keypad has an embossed look membrane on it. The turntable is such that it will evenly heat and cook the food. It is suited for singles, families, and even professional as there are both automatic as well as manual cooking options in it. It works on the genius sensor technology which aids in making great meal.

10. Sharp 1100W Microwave

The Sharp brand has managed to make some of the best microwaves in the market. This model comes with smart and one of the best sensor technology which makes it easy to cook different kinds of meal. This over the counter design helps in saving considerable amount of space and can be installed in the matter of few minutes. It comes with as many as 19 automatic settings and there is also a touch key control panel that makes it super easy to operate this model. It is also economical as well.

11. Magic Chef 1100W Microwave

Magic Chef has come up with another great model. This one comes with six pre programmed one touch cooking menu and there are three menu for auto defrost too. It comes with really impressive gray interiors and the spacious design means that you can cook tons of stuff with remarkable ease. It comes with an impressive stainless steel cabinet that gives you the best kind of strength making this model a durable choice. It also has the built in auto start function and it comes with kitchen timer as well.

12. Frigidaire 1100W Microwave

Frigidaire has launched this amazing model that comes in a countertop style. This compact and modern style and size means that you can place it in any corner of the house. There are 10 separate power levels to choose from and cooking in the microwave is surely a piece of cake. It comes with several multi stage cooking options and also the sensor cooking options too. This means that your food won’t get over heated and thereby you don’t have to stress while cooking it. The overall design is pretty trendy.

13. LG 1100W Microwave

A great model by LG, this one comes with bright LED light. It is designed to offer much better energy efficiency rating and it comes with a stabiliser ring as well. There are six wheels instead of the usual three for the turntable to rest. So you can pace both talk and even bulky items without worrying about to falling off in the microwave during the hearing process. It comes with super smooth and intuitive touch glass controls which is a great aid. The microwave is really easy to operate and likely to last long.

14. Farberware 1100W Microwave

Farberware has come up with this brilliant model of microwave that comes with a capacity of 1.6 cu feet. This means there is adequate space for the sake of cooking different kinds of meals. It also comes with a smart sensor cook option too which is great even for novices who want to cook delicious meals sans hassles. It comes with a stainless steel resin that gives the right kind of strength and durability to the microwave. There is a LED display which shows the clock as well as the kitchen timer.

15. Magic Chef 1100W Microwave

Magic Chef has this amazingly smart model of microwave as it comes with a cooking capacity of 1.6 cu. ft. There are 11 different power levels to pick from and it also comes with auto cook and auto defrost menu option too. There is a separate kitchen timer to make sure that you are aware of how much time is left when cooking different kind of food. Not only this, it also features a child safety lock feature too to give it enhanced safety rating. The form factor of this model is surely impressive.