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10 Fastest RC Cars you can Buy

Remote control (RC) cars are a beloved dream of many young boys – it’s almost impossible to find one who hasn’t heard about or owned a remote-controlled vehicle before. Whether they have the latest and greatest RC car, or truck in their collection, these toys bring hours of joy to kids everywhere. From scale down models and concept cars to cartoon vehicles and monstrous monster trucks, the selection of car toys available today is truly impressive. Not too long ago, wired remote-controlled cars featuring only forward/reverse functions were all the rage before wireless versions emerged with a unique feature: directional changes triggered by loud noises! Nowadays, frequency based remote-controls are leading the pack with multiple advanced features that greatly enhance your driving experience.

RC Cars can Help Your Child

Playing with remote-controlled cars is one of the biggest stress busters.  It keeps your little one entertained for hours on end and delivers the satisfaction of dominating a race. Playing with RC cars encourages the development of hand-eye coordination, spatial thinking, problem-solving skills, patience, reasoning power, and creativity. Moreover, it keeps them away from the digital world, which is also a great benefit.

What to Look for in an RC Car

If you are looking to buy an RC car for your child, it is important to take into consideration the following factors:

  • Speed: Some of the fastest and most powerful remote-controlled cars can reach speeds over 40mph.
  • Control Range: The longer the control range, the more freedom your child has to drive their RC car in.
  • Durability: Look for an RC car that is made with quality materials so it can withstand the abuse of racing.
  • Price: The price of remote-controlled cars varies greatly depending on features and quality.
  • Battery Life: How long the battery lasts will determine how much time your child has to play with their car.

If you want to recreate your wondrous childhood days or offer those moments to today’s youngsters, then look no further! We have compiled a selection of the best remote-controlled cars that will keep everyone busy and engaged for hours on end.

1. SGILE Remote Control Car Toy for Boys Girls, 2.4 GHz RC Drift Race Car, 1:16 Scale Fast Speedy Crawler Truck, 2 Batteries for 50 Mins Play, Toy Gift for Boys Girls

Are you looking for an exciting experience? Then SGIL Remote Control Toy Car is the perfect fit for car enthusiasts! The sporty red body styling, with sleek white and black graphics on the sides and a dummy headlights atop, provide this car with its own distinct look. And if that isn’t enough to entice you – it also has a sturdy bull guard up front and spoiler at the back along with specially designed wheels featuring red lining around their rims. Not only does this frame add safety while climbing heights or jumping ramps, but its powerful motor allows it to drift effortlessly too! With speeds of up to 18 kmph under your control; let’s just say playing will be much more fun than ever before!

2. HAIBOXING 1:18 Scale All Terrain RC Car 18859E, 36 KPH High Speed 4WD Electric Vehicle with 2.4 GHz Remote Control, 4X4 Waterproof Off-Road Truck with Two Rechargeable Batteries

The truck toy looks like a mix of Ford and Chevy trucks as it has a clear line and robust appeal. The jungle-inspired theme of green and black colours looks astonishing and glams up the car’s robust look. The alloy wheels look smart and are wrapped with all-terrain tyres to complement the car’s rugged appeal. It also has a carrier at the rear which isn’t deep but can be used to play some creative trick as loading it with some stuff won’t make sense here. The suspension setup helps the car move through bad patches very easily. It is a 4×4 truck and can reach a max speed of 36 kmph.

3. WomToy Remote Control Car RC Cars, 45° Drift High Speed Off Road Climbing Stunt Car, 4WD Lateral Side Shift Stunt Vehicle with Led Headlights, Kids Toy Cars for Boys & Girls Birthday

The Womtoy remote control cars look ages ahead of the current generation of remote control cars. It has lateral wheels which is beneficial for various purposes. This car can climb at an angle of 45 degrees. It can be ridden on grass, soil/sand, rock and climbing scenarios quite efficiently. It can run at a speed of 25 kmph. Despite being lateral, the tyres aren’t fragile, rather, they are good for jump and similar torture. It can run for 20 minutes continuously after charging for 3 hours. It is suitable for kids and adults for some pleasure-filled moments. The durable ABS material used in the construction of this car keeps it safe during falls and climbs.

4. 1:10 Scale Large RC Cars 48+ kmh Speed - Boys Remote Control Car 4x4 Off Road Monster Truck Electric - All Terrain Waterproof Toys Trucks for Kids and Adults - 2 Batteries + Connector for 40+ Min Play

This is no ordinary remote-controlled car. The monster version of a Japanese or Korean car features finely crafted alloy wheels, wrapped in giant tires for the ultimate off-road experience. Its black body is accented with contrast red and yellow stripes, while dummy headlights provide a macho look – and real functioning lights ensure you can drive it even at night! And that’s not all: this vehicle also boasts oil-filled metal units for superior suspension performance; plus powerful double motors to deliver maximum torque on any terrain. Get ready to hit the road! The average run time of this toy car’s battery is around 40 mins and it can be charged via USB cable.

5. Force1 Tornado LED Remote Control Car for Kids - RC Car Double Sided Fast Off-Road Stunt RC Toy Car, 360 Flips and Spins, All Terrain Rechargeable Light Up Drifting RC Crawler with Remote and USB Cord

The Force1 Tornado LED remote control car is unlike any of its counterparts in the RC world. Its chassis sits securely in the center, raised above ground level by two oversized rear wheels and a smaller front wheel. The car balances on two back tires, giving it an almost acrobatic ability to spin 360 degrees with ease. Playing with this contraption promises hours of entertainment so long as you have enough battery life! Additionally, its thermomolded rubber tires are especially durable for longevity and performance – what more could one ask for?

6. BEZGAR 18 Toy Grade 1:14 Scale Remote Control Car, 2WD High Speed 20 Km/h All Terrains Electric Toy Off Road RC Monster Vehicle Truck Crawler with Two Rechargeable Batteries for Boys Kids and Adults

The Bezgar electric toy remote control car is a perfect head-turner and can attract a lot of eyeballs. It has a waterproof design and metal enforced body frame for optimum off-road abilities. The open body frame looks exactly like a few of the real monster cars that we usually see on the internet. The suspensions are oil-filled metal units which have adequate performance and adds to the feel while jumping off the tall places. It has 4 wheel drive capabilities and can run at a top speed of 25 kmph. It comes with an extra set of batteries for added backup advantage so that your kids can enjoy more with this car.

7. Hosim Large Size 1:12 Scale High Speed 46km+/H 4WD 2.4Ghz Remote Control Truck 9156, Radio Controlled Off-Road RC Car Electronic Monster Truck R/C RTR Hobby Grade Cross-Country Car (Blue)

The Hosim remote control car is like a monster sedan with its suspension lifted to give it an unmistakable look – think Subaru or Chevrolet. With functioning front lights and dummy ones at the back, you can drive around in low-light conditions too! A rear spoiler adds visual flair to this already rugged vehicle, giving it an even more powerful aesthetic. The blue-black graphics complement the sturdy design of the car perfectly. An incredibly strong motor and all-terrain tires offer plenty of torque for tackling any oversized obstacles that come your way! With this motor, it can go up to 46 kmph at top speed.

8. Remote Control Car, ORRENTE RC Cars Stunt Car Toy, 4WD 2.4Ghz Double Sided 360° Rotating RC Car with Headlights, Kids Xmas Toy Cars for Boys/Girls

When it comes to kids, vibrant colors often make all the difference. This eye-catching fluorescent stunt car is designed with a unique wheel setup and has 4-wheel drive capabilities for maximum mobility. The flexible rubber wheels are attached to an independent rotating motor unit enabling it to switch direction quickly, plus the chassis is distanced from the first contact point on wheels – so your child won’t have concerns about shock absorption or breaking upon regular drops! Apart from fluorescent, it is also available in green color which is a simpler yet attractive option out of the two.

9. Bwine C11 1:10 Scale RC Car, Amphibious Remote Control Car for Boys Age 8-12, 4WD Waterproof Monster Truck, Rock Crawler Vehicle for Kids and Adults, 2 Batteries for 40+ Min Play

The Bwine C11 can be said as the true miniature of a monster ca. It has a bright shade of orange which is perfectly blended with white and black shades. It is based on a metallic frame for extreme rigidity. The reinforced iron frame for the body looks drag race-ready and the entire setup of the car looks muscular. It also has two sets of spare wheels. The battery compartment is waterproof and mounted inside the rigid frame of the car. There are two motors placed in front and rear as the drivers. The offroad spec tires are wrapped around black alloy wheels for an awesome appearance.

10. Powerextra Remote Control Car, 4WD 2.4GHz Rc Stunt Car, Watch Gesture Sensor Car

powerextra rc car

This is one of the fastest and most advanced remote-control cars available on the market With the 2.4GHz transmitter strength, controlling a remote controller is easy – it’s sensitive and responsive, allowing you to maneuver from even a great distance! Your child can explore the world with a 1:16 scale remote control monster truck and experience unlimited fun. This car offers four-wheel drive climbing stunts, 360-degree tumbling spins, double-sided roll maneuvers and special effects light music. Let your little one have an amazing time discovering new things while enjoying the thrilling visual effects that this toy has to offer. Even better, a mere 2 hours of charging can provide up to an hour’s worth of playtime!

This has been a guide to the top 10 fast RC cars you can buy. All of these cars come with their own benefits and features, but they all offer amazing speed and performance. So if you’re looking for a gift that will bring your child hours of fun and excitement, any one of these remote control cars is sure to deliver.

Before buying, remember to think about what features are important to your child. Speed, control range, durability, and battery life are all major factors that should be taken into account. With the right vehicle, you can provide your child with an unforgettable experience of remote-controlled fun!

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