10 Best Soccer Balls

The most popular sport in the world is none other than soccer, as it has the largest fan base. This game is enjoyed by all – be it kids, youth, or adults. The passion to play soccer knew no bounds as it is played both for fun and professionally too. And if you are a soccer enthusiast then one thing that will drive your game is the ball you choose. Yes, buying the right type of ball for your game is the first thing to consider as it can either give heights to your game or will take all the fun away, if not chosen correctly.

There are a huge variety of soccer balls available in the market by various brands. To simply this search, you need to understand that there are various types of balls like premium, training, indoor, standard match, turf, futsal, and freestyle. Its choice depends on whether you are a beginner, a professional team player, or just want to enjoy a game of soccer indoors or on the beach. The material used in its construction – synthetic, polyurethane, and polyvinyl carbonate and the size (1, 3, 4, 5) of the ball also plays an important part. Quality, durability, performance, air retention, design, shape, brand, and price are the other important factors to consider. Thus, keep all these points in mind before buying the perfect soccer ball that gives your game a boost.

Here is the list of the 10 best soccer balls available in the market for all types of play:

1. Adidas Finale Istanbul Pro

As its name implies, this soccer ball by Adidas is the preferred choice for the Champion League league finale in the knockout stage and has replaced the Adidas finale 19. You can’t find a better soccer ball if you are looking for high performance as it is FIFA quality certified. Its outer texture is designed to give you better control and grip over the ball, taking your game to the new heights. Thermally bonded panels and outer texture coating give you a spherical ball that’s seamless and provide stability. Thus, it is the best premium ball for professional players that enhance their performance and makes them outshine.

2. Adidas MLS Nativo XXV

If you want to improve your soccer skills, then the Adidas MLS native XXV is the ball for you. It has a butyl bladder for best air retention and is made of 100% TPU fabric that offers lasting strength. Its surface is textured and is machine-stitched making it durable to withstand the tough training sessions. The appearance of this soccer ball by Adidas stands out among others as its design celebrates the 25 consecutive years of elite club soccer in the US and Canada. So, be ready to rock the field as this ball helps in polishing your skills.

3. Select Numero 10

The Select Numero 10 is the best-selling soccer ball from the popular Danish brand – ‘Select’. It meets the requirement of both practice and official matches and is loved by the youth. It’s made of PU material and has neoprene foam lamination that makes it soft, providing the optimum performance in the game. This ball also comes with a good bounce as it has a zero-wing latex bladder and 32-hand stitched panel. With multiple color options and sizes to choose from, be ready to rock the field with Select Numero 10 soccer ball, approved by FIFA and other top agencies.

4. Under Armour DESAFIO Soccer Ball

This ball comes from the reputed brand Under Armour, which is very well known by every soccer player. The rebound and performance offered by the Under Armour DESAFIO soccer ball is unmatched owing to the high-quality rubber bladder used in its construction. UA touchskin technology and SBR foam layer add the much-needed softness in the ball for a perfect flight. It comes fully inflated and available in six colors and three sizes. Thus, takes your soccer skills to the next level with this high-performance ball that also comes at an affordable price.

5. Chaos Soccer Gear Aztec

Take your game to the next level with this high-quality and unique soccer ball that comes with a 2-year warranty for its size and shape. It’s 100% hand-stitched and has a protective coating that keeps it durable in all weather conditions. Be ready to get compliments wherever you take this Aztec ball due to its premium design. It has micro-texture dimpled PU fabric, 32 panels, 4 polyester linings, and a butyl bladder that provides the strength and best flight in the game. The Choas Soccer Gear Aztec ball is perfect for all types of fields, be it outdoors, indoors, or freestyle.

6. GoSports Classic Soccer Ball

This ball comes under the category of the best balls that are loved by parents, coaches, schools, etc. It has retained the classic football design that everyone has been in love since ages. Underneath this classic ball comes the robust PVC exterior, 32 machine-stitched polyester panels, 2.7 mm padded foam layer, and a butyl bladder that provides durability, softness, and air retention. It is water-resistant and shock absorber, thereby providing a natural flight. An add-on bonus in choosing this GoSports classic ball is that it comes with a premium pump so that you are always ready to rock the field.

7. Wilson NCAA Copia II Replica

Give a boost to your performance with this NCAA-certified soccer ball by Wilson, named NCAA Copia II Replica. It has a unique 20-panel design, butyl bladder, 3 colored stripes, and TPU cover for enhanced durability, softness, and performance. Not just this, to retain its shape it has carcass windings. It’s available in three colors and sizes. The vibrant 3 stripe-designs and 3 axis color on the cover helps in tracking the ball position. This ball is best for gifting, especially to kids who want to improve their game and performance as it’s affordable.

8. Adidas CPT Soccer Ball

If you want to improve your soccer technique and skills, then this attractive ball is the right fit. It has an improved TPU cover, butyl bladder and is machine stitched to provide sturdiness and air retention. Not just this, its attractive design is inspired by Manchester United’s home jersey and has contrast graphics that make it easy to locate and track during playing. It is an everyday ball and perfect for training sessions. This ball needs to be inflated and comes in various sizes. The kids especially love the Adidas CPT Soccer ball due to its vibrant colors. 

9. Adidas Performance Messi Soccer Ball

There is no doubt that Lionel Messi has always been the most popular soccer player known worldwide and this ball comes with his brand name. This soccer ball gives enhanced durability and performance loved by both professional and street players. It is machine stitched, has a nylon carcass and TPU injection-molded construction that provides long-lasting performance in the game. Also, get improved air retention with its butyl bladder. The ball comes in different sizes that can be used by both kids and professionals. Grab this ball if you want to play just like Messi.

10. Adidas Performance MLS Glider

If you are looking for the quality and MLS series design ball at an affordable price, then Adidas performance MLS Glider is the best choice. It features a thermoplastic polyurethane exterior that provides durability and a butyl bladder for good air-retention and soft touch. This particular soccer ball stands out in the field with its bold graphics. Whether you are playing on a wet surface or in rain, it gives the right kick owing to its nylon lining. This soccer ball is best for practicing as its touch and feel are quite similar to the premium soccer balls.