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10 Best Snake Toys

Seasons come and seasons go, but the popularity of toys still remains. The prime target audiences for snake toys are never old range as evidenced by the ton of different products made by toy manufacturers. One understands the importance and value of toys when they have kids around. Children do have their own preferences when it comes to the type of toys that they crave to have but there are some toys that come with an innovative concept and kids are naturally attracted towards them.

Snake toys might sound something like a toy that can horrify children but you also get some really colourful and fun type that are amazing to play with and it also promotes knowledge and educational value. These toys mostly have such a flawless built quality that people might get tricked into believing them to be real snakes.

Most of the snake toys come in handy while dressing up for Halloween or using them as party decors. You might also find them useful in protecting your garden, backyard and other such areas from rodent attacks and birds. We have listed 10 best snake toys and all of the them have varied utility. You can scan the list and decide upon the ones that will suit your requirements.

The toys listed below are all high quality and have a non toxic make thus these are all safe to be used by kids too. Take a look:

1. STOBOK Realistic Snake Toy

Crafted out of premium quality PVC, this snake toy is very realistic as it has all the features of a real snake like body patterns, lines and also the shape. The built material is eco friendly and it is safe to be touched. Being odorless, this snake toy is by no means harmful for anyone. You can use it as a prank toy, for Halloween decor or also in your garden as a protection for your plants. The toy is completely safe for kids too and it would be an ideal piece for theme parties too. You will be amazed on seeing it in real.

2. Rubber Snake,14 Inch Snake Toy Set

These super stretchy snakes are 14 inches in size and you can shape them with your hands by coiling, stretching or bending them. Packed nicely in a bag, this set consists of 6 snakes of varied colors  each looking real and life like. These non toxic snake toys are made out of food grade materials and are great to be used by kids as little as toddlers. You can use these near your plants to keep birds away. You will also receive fun and informative snake cards along with this pack.

3. ROBO ALIVE Slithering Robotic Snake Orange Series 2

Ever seen a snake toy slithering? Yes, this one does. The Robo Alive robotic snake toy would give you the feeling of a real snake moving in front of you. This toy is sure to blow kids off with the excellence and slithering effect. It is a battery operated toy which when turned on, the snake flicks its tongue in and out and also its eyeballs roll like crazy. This toy is engaging enough to keep your kids busy for hours and it will also make for a great gifting option.


4. Melissa & Doug Sack of Snakes

Meant for kids aged three to five years, this sack of snakes consists of 6 wriggly little snakes around 4 to 5 inches in size. These are attractively colored and pattered snakes and help children in hand and eye coordination. You can also use these snakes for teaching color recognition to children. Letting kids play with these beautiful snakes will also arouse their interest towards nature and its surroundings. Made out of plastic, these snake toys are sturdy and durable. You can also use these in your garden or for decorative purpose on Halloween or any other occasion as you deem fit.


5. B&E LIFE The Potato Chip Snake Can Jump Spring Snake Toy

If you are looking for some great option to prank your friends or cousins, this is the thing you should try. Featuring a 8.5 inches tall chips can with realistic wrapper around the can, this toy has an element of surprise. A huge snake springs out of it on opening the lid of the can. The spring mechanism attached to the snake works brilliantly and you can also use the snake in any chips can that you wish to put it into. The snake has been given a real look and the surprise element is sure to leave you thrilled.


6. Royu 4 Piece PVC Toy Snake Bracelet

The PVC toy snake bracelet by Royu comes in a pack of 4 and can be used in several ways. You can  gift them to children for fun and educational purpose or wear it as a bracelet in order to prank your friends. This snake bracelet is also apt for adding a charm to your halloween look. It is a great option for pretend play as well. In the pack, you can receive random snake types like python, cobra etc. The look of the toy is that of a real snake with patterns and colors that can scare the shit out of anyone.


7. UANDME Store Snake Figurines

Built with precision, these snake figurines are available in a pack of 8, 11 and 13 and you can opt for the one that you need. Each pack includes multiple variety of snake types like green anaconda, rattlesnake, king cobra etc. The detailing is so good that you can easily prank or fool people who would believe these to be real snakes. Made out of safe non toxic materials, these figurines can be used as cake toppers too apart from other uses like party decor, garden decor, playing etc. The figurines are hand painted and can be handed over to children as well.

8. Kicko Assorted Jointed Snake

The Kicko assorted jointed snakes has been a favorite since ages. Children love playing with these wriggly reptiles that have colored bodies with circular pattern. The pattern is actually a sticker and it adds a charm to the toy. This pack consists of 12 snakes all 15 inches in size and the multiple bright colored snakes will appeal to kids as well as adults. These toys coil and bend nicely and kids enjoy playing with the snakes for hours. You will not need to assemble anything as the snakes are ready to use straight out of the packet.

9. Wild Republic Rubber Snake

The Wild Republic Store has done a commendable job by coming up with this real looking ball python that looks amazingly real. This snake toy will come in handy if you wish to teach your children about the wonders in nature or indulge in imaginative role play. Suitable for people from all age groups, this rubber snake can also be used as a garden decor or as a decoration for jungle themed parties. It not only has a lead free make but it is totally safe to be used as a toy even by children.


10. Fun Central 12 Pack - 14 inch Rubber Snake Toys

These attractive 14 inch snakes are crafted out of non toxic rubber and are completely eco friendly. These snakes aid in child education as they can be used as counting objects. You will receive 12 colorful snakes in varied designs and prints that are fun and attractive to look at. You can use the snakes for decoration purposes while hosting themed parties. These high quality snake toys are durable and have a realistic appeal. You can also make use of these toys to scare away rodents, birds and insects from your backyard or garden area.


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