10 Best Reclining Gaming Chairs

There are a lot of gamers who just can’t do without the right gaming chairs. The fun factor when playing a game increases significantly when you have the right gaming chair to enjoy the whole process. There are reclining gaming chairs too that are a blessing for those gamers who stay hooked to the computer screen for hours on end.

Reclining office chairs are a luxury chair, which costs more than a standard chair. However, there are so many benefits to these chairs that those who have them definitely feel they are worth the extra expense. It also provides comfort, support and the ability to relax when necessary. Computer recliner chairs might be new to the world of gaming but they are a great way to have a better gaming experience.

These gamers end up sitting in these chairs and reclining it at times so as to give their back the much-needed support. These chairs can be very expensive but for those gamers who live, and breathe games; these are an absolute must. With the help of these chairs, they can stay put on it and still not develop health issues. The lack of right gaming chair can lead to excessive back strain and even shoulder pain as well.

So, if you are going to play tons of games continuously, the right thing to do is to choose the best reclining ones. We have tried to infuse the right kind of variety and have listed several chairs spanning varied budget bracket. So, you should explore the details and then decide the right option for yourself.

1. Flash Furniture X20 Gaming Chair

Enjoy your gaming session while being seated in the most comfortable position as this gaming chair by Flash Furniture has a high quality make. It features a head rest pillow and lumbar pillow that can be adjusted and also removed if not needed. The pivot arms provide the best support for your hands and they also come with a height adjustment. You can recline the chair with the help of the lever attached to around 145 degrees for maximum comfort. Watch out for the gorgeous color variants too.

2. Blue Whale Massage Gaming Office Chair

Featuring premium pu leather sponge seat, this gaming chair is one of the best options for a hardcore gamer who spends hours playing games everyday. The angled seat makes this chair super comfortable. It has a sturdy steel frame supported with a fiver star heavy duty base that has the ability to hold up to 1100 kgs of load. The chair can be reclined up to 175 degrees for the ultimate resting angle. It also features a massage lumbar cushion and a head rest that can be adjusted.

3. Hbada Gaming Chair

This amazing gaming chair by Hbada comes with a S shaped backrest that provides the most ergonomic design to the chair. It features a removable lumbar cushion, retractable footrest, super smooth rolling casters, integrated headrest and much more. You can use the reclining controller to recline the chair up to 135 degrees. The seat height can also be adjusted with the help of a lever attached. The seat of the chair is cushioned to provide relief from stress. The armrests are padded and provide good support for the arms.

4. Soontrans Racer Style Gaming Chair

Available in a range of attractive colors, this racer style gaming chair by Soontrans is a perfect blend of style and comfort. It supports 180 degrees of lying mode with infinite reclining angle adjustments. The high density sponge seat with outer pu leather finish not just looks premium but is very comfortable to be seated upon. The height of the chair can be adjusted as per the requirement of the gamer. There are lumbar as well as headrest cushions that can be removed if desired. You can use the retractable footrest for added comfort.

5. GLOGERY Gaming Chair Racing Style

With the promise to deliver a fashionable as well as well made design, this racing style gaming chair by Glogery is something that your inner gamer will love. The backrest has an ergonomic design that will provide maximum comfort to your body. The chair features a rocking function where in you can select whether you wish to keep the chair upright locked or turn on the rocking feature. The armrest is soft enough to make your arms feel light and stress free and they can also be adjusted as per the needs of the user.

6. RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair

Let the gamer in you enjoy comfort with style by opting for this racecar style gaming chair that can be reclined up to 155 degrees. You can lock the reclining angle anywhere between 90 to 155 degrees as per your comfort. The armrests are padded and will relieve your upper body pressure. The seat height can be easily adjusted with the help of the lift lever located on the right hand side along with the recline lever. You can select from a range of attractive and bold color options available.

7. Nokaxus Gaming Chair

Packed with features that will take your gaming session to a different level altogether, the Nokaxus gaming chair can be reclined up to 180 degrees. Cushioned with high density sponge, the chair will relive the body of any pain and stress. Additionally, there is also a massage lumbar cushion. You can pull out the footrest for added comfort to the feet. The lifting handrails are relaxing to the arms and upper body pressure. The chair is perfect for long hours of game playing sessions and your body will not feel any fatigue.


For an upscale and fancy feel, this gaming chair is a blend of comfort, quality and style. The high quality leather make gives this chair a premium feel and look. The integrated padded headrest along with the ergonomic backrest is praiseworthy. The arms are padded and provide a good support and they can also be folded back when not in use. Other features include 360 degrees of swivel, recline and tilt functions, seat height adjustment, etc. Available in a variety of color options, this chair is also good for long hours of use.

9. Furious Gaming Chair

Crafted with precision, this gaming chair has a sturdy metal frame construction covered with high density sponge back and thickly cushioned seat that not only makes the chair durable but also very comfortable. It can be recline up to 160 degrees and the integrated padded headrest adds to the support. The soft and padded armrests can be adjusted as per the convenience of the user. The built quality of the chair is high and it looks premium. The mute pu wheels are strong and sturdy enough to hold the load of the chair as well as the gamer.

10. Acethrone Gaming Chair

This ultra stylish gaming chair is available in three color variants and all of them are equally attractive. The height of the seat can be easily adjusted with the lever attached. You can recline the chair up to 135 degrees. The sturdy five star base with roller caster wheels can hold the weight of the user quite well. You can adjust the head pillow up and down as you wish and the lumbar pillow too can be removed if not needed. The chair has a premium feel and the outer finish is resistant to wear and tear.