10 Best Marble Tables in 2021

A marble table in the home elevates the ambiance and the class. Marble has been a favorite material for centuries and is attracting customers from different walks of life. It is also a favorite for tabletops.

If you consider a marble table, be it the coffee table for the hall or the dining table, understanding what is essential is crucial. As the market consists of several manufacturers offering many options, picking an appropriate product would be tedious and challenging. The sheer elegance of a marble table top will keep you and your guests charmed for a long time to come. Since, you will be investing a bit into this material you may secretly hope that it actually stands the test of time. With timely care and maintenance, this material has the potential to last a lifetime.

We have given you a list of marble tables. You can pick the one that suits your requirement and budget. We have tried covering different styles and designs to ensure that you have a broader choice. Further, you will come across two, four, and six-seating dining tables.

As you have all the options available at your fingertips, including the features and specifications, you can consider the one that fits your requirement with ease. The use of a marble table creates elegance and helps prolong the life of the product. The durability is such that it will retain its originality when appropriately maintained. All you would be doing is taking care, such as wiping it with a wet and dry cloth.

1. Nathan James Lucy Small Carrara Marble Top Table

Nathan James always puts design first, with affordability as the second in the list. Therefore, you have every reason to add the Lucy model to your living room or the bedroom. Lucy is suitable for small areas, which brings out style and elegance. While the marble tabletop lasts for a lifetime with appropriate care, the metal pedestal provides strength and support. The added weight at the base removes wobbling and provides stability. The round shape is simple in appearance and usable at different corners and places of the house.

2. Atlantic Dining Table Set

You can elevate the ambiance and bring all the elegance with the Atlantic dining table set. The set comes with a table and matching stools. The interesting concept is the use of the dual-beam steel frame. The one-inch-thick marble top features laminates, which helps in extending the life of the product. You can use the stools with the table or as additional seating when you have guests at home. The compact design is suitable for compact spaces and gives you every reason to sit and eat together as a family.

3. QNN Multi-Function Sofa Side Table

It would be so good to have a multi-function sofa-side table. You can use it in any way you want and at any place in the house. The QNN marble top table is such a product that you can use as you like and at different locations. The rigid construction of the frame ensures that it withstands the marble stone’s weight while offering the needed space. Likewise, the table’s long-standing size gives you complete access to different things. You can also use it for accessing the computer, as a dining table, or as a side table near the bed.

4. Ren-Wil Delma Accent Marble Table

The Delma accent marble table from Ren-Wil will radiate the ambiance and surroundings with ease.  The futuristic design makes it simple and elegant while bringing the needed usability when used anywhere. For instance, you can use it by the bed to place a decorated vase on the top and a few of your favorite books at the bottom. Expertly handcrafted, the Delma table comes equipped with a marble and steel base. The white marble oozes elegance and creates a luxurious feeling at home when used with appropriate décor. You have every reason to use it as you like in your home.

5. MEFKY Marble Table with Storage Drawer

Adding a marble table in the living room will be an excellent addition to your home décor. The MEFKY marble tabletop comes equipped with a storage drawer, providing ample space to store everything from magazines to books. The marble stone is durable and dense and provides the best decorative element for your living or bedroom. Supporting the thick stone is the stainless-steel frame that arrives in titanium gold coating, which matches any interior decoration. MEFKY made sure that the edges are not sharp to prevent accidents. Further, the rounded design makes the entire appearance elegant and sophisticated.

6. IG Modern Marble Coffee Table with Storage

Unlike other coffee tables that you saw or will see, consider the modern coffee table with storage from IG as your next purchase. Not only it has a marble tabletop, but it also provides storage underneath, where you can store magazines, books, and even a laptop. The scope of the application is endless. You can use it as a table in the living hall or as a side table near your bed. You can place it in the garden or the balcony. The marble stone is durable and provides the elegance that you are expecting. You will create a luxurious atmosphere that you always wanted.

7. Rivet Store Mid-Century Modern White Marble Table

Rivet Store, an Amazon brand, offers you an excellent chance to decorate your living hall or the bedroom with a modern white marble table. The exquisite design makes it an ideal addition and provides the elegance you want from a marble tabletop. The white marble is dense, and the iron base in a rectangular shape bears the entire weight with ease. It will become a conversation piece or the favorite location for the small lamp. The contrasting color and geometric design of the base are eye-catchy.

8. Kate and Laurel Maia Marble Side Accent Table

Kate and Laurel believe in providing luxury to one and all. Therefore, the product Maia is suitable for anyone who is considering adding a marble tabletop to their home. You can use the table as a perfect companion when you drink or the best support during lengthy conversations with your friend. The elegant geometric design is mesmerizing, and the crafted metal base provides the sheer presence of the marble stone. It stands at 22 inches tall, and the stone’s porous nature makes it subject to staining.  Proper care is essential to maintain the shine.

9. MEFKY Minimalism Round Coffee Table

MEFKY has a reputation for delivering modern and conventional tables. The round coffee table from the company uses durable marble stone, which can hold a decent weight. While the shiny appearance offers elegance to the installed room, the metal frame in contrasting black creates the ambiance you always wanted. The rounded edge avoids bumps and gives enhanced safety. The wrought iron frame in a unique round structure holds the stone. Further, it undergoes heat treatment and rust-proof treatment to ensure that the paint and system remain the same even after several years of use.

10. IUYJVR Marble Multi-layer Storage Table

A simple design and the marble tabletop give the multi-layer storage table an advantage compared with others. The classic design is useful anywhere in the house, including the bathroom, where you can use the top to place the toiletries and the shelves to arrange the bathing clothes. The maintenance of the product is simple. The steel tube structure is sturdy and complements the surroundings with its golden color layer. The table is a smart addition where space is a constraint.