10 Best Jump Rope Mats

Are you a fitness freak? Do you love to workout often? If you have answered yes to both the questions, it is time you invested in a good quality jump rope mat. These jump rope mats come in a lot of variety and based on your needs and requirements, you should have some idea regarding what you want.

We have tried to infuse the much needed variety in our list. Basically, these mats help you keep your feet firmly in place and protected as well. You can then choose to carry out different workout sessions as per your will and this in turn will allow you to enjoy your time, keep your body fit, and do the exercises in a streamlined manner as well. If you jump rope regularly then you’ve involved yourself in the most rigorous and effective of weight loss programs. There is no bulky machinery that is involved in the process, in fact you can carry it around and get started anywhere.

The good thing about these mats is that they are usually affordable and so you don’t have to spend a great deal of money buying them. Make sure to choose the right size so that no matter whether you sit and exercise or lay down and flex your arms, your mat should be large enough to accommodate you with ease. Check out the options here. 

1. MotionTex Exercise Equipment Mat

In order to see your floor protected and having a perfect workout ambiance, this mat comes in handy. The surface is anti slip and thus safe for exercise. Other features of the mat include anti mocrobial, anti absorbent etc. It is super easy to clean the mat as you can simply rinse it with soap and water and pat dry when done. The corners of the mat are made round so that it does not curl by itself. The anti absorbent property keeps the mat clean as it repels sweat, water or any liquid that can get spilled accidentally.

2. Marcy Fitness Equipment Mat

Having multiple uses, this mat cannot just be used as a jump rope mat but you can also use it under equipments or performing any heavy duty exercise. Made out of premium quality EVA foam, this mat has a high impact absorption capability. Made for heavy duty and rough use, the mat in itself is lightweight and easy to use. The surface is anti slip and ideal for daily use. It is also sturdy enough to protect the floor from machine weight or any impacts. In all, it is the best thing to aid you in exercise while keeping your floor intact.

3. Amazon Basics High Density Exercise Equipment and Treadmill Mat

Available in three different sizes, this mat can be used for several purposes like general body exercise, exertion exercises, for placing equipments etc. The black color of the mat helps in proper coordination of mind and body. The high density PVC make of the mat is excellent. It has a good impact absorption power. You can turn your workout space into a more cleaner and organised space by placing this mat. It is the apt thing to keep your floor protected and safe. Go for this one and burn calories in style.

4. Elite SRS jump rope mat

For those who are on the lookout for the perfect exercising companion, this is the right rope mat to pick. It has a non slip design and will absorb the impact when you are jumping over it. It is designed to last long and will allow you to carry out several exercises with remarkable ease. It is light in weight and made of tough vinyl foam. Not only this, it cleans really easily and can also be placed on the top of other surfaces too. It can dampen the vibration significantly. 

5. Sunny health and fitness store

These mats are the perfect choice for those who want to exercise and make sure that the floor isn’t damaged owing to excessive pressure and strain. It is made of high density EVA foam material that offers improved comfort and increased durability as well. The mat is designed to absorb the different types of vibration and will therefore protect your floor significantly. It is light in weight and has a non slip design and is water resistant too. 

6. Rubber king all purpose fitness mat

Rubber king is a well known brand and the products are one of the very best in the fitness category. These fitness mats are no exception. They are tough and thick and are free of harmful solvents or other foul smell. They have an anti-slip design and it is also water resistant too. The design has been made keeping the environment factors in mind. The mat is the best choice to make sure that the floor isn’t damaged even when you are doing heavy exercises as well. 

7. Balance From exercising mat

This foldable style exercising mat is a high density option that packs in quite an amazing feature list.  It comes in two different versions and also has two years of warranty to offer as well.  It has an anti slip design that aids in protecting the person from slipping. Using this mat will surely keep your floors and surfaces protected and avoid unwanted scratches too. It is also easy to clean and likely to last really long. 

8. Versatex multi purpose floor mat

If you are on the lookout for the kind of floor mat that can serve several purposes together, look no further than this one. It comes in a real catchy design and can be used under the sink, patio or even as a door mat as well. It can be installed on wooden floors, tiles, and a whole lot of other places too. The mat is made of recycled rubber material and is designed to be durable and also last long as well. The style is spot on and will help your protect your floors while exercising and do a lot more. 

9. TRX Training mat

If you are looking for the kind of mat that can be easily rolled and carried on the go, this might be the best option you can look for. This training mat is light in weight and is made using some of the best quality of materials. It comes with a stable design and is well cushioned to offer enhanced comfort. Not only this, it has been so designed that it is likely to last long and at the same time it will serve the purpose at hand. So, using this mat is sure to protect your floors from being damaged and at the same time it will also act like the right cushion for your feet.

10. Super mats heavy duty equipment mat

If you are on the lookout for tough and durable mats that can withstand high pressure and intense workout sessions, this is the mat you need to keep an eye out for. It can be used for treadmills, cross trainers, and a lot more. It comes with adequate amount of cushioning that ensures your feet will stay comfortable even after strenuous workout sessions. Not only this, the right amount of cushioning also keeps the floor protected. This mat minimises the damage on the surfaces owing to the thickness and the quality of materials used. Those with a massive emphasis on quality should definitely opt for this mat.