10 Best 42 inch TV’s of 2020

Are you looking to get a new tv for your home? There are several options in the market as there is no dearth of good brands that make the best television models. But, you should first of all decide as to what size you are looking for. You should check out different 42 inch tvs in the market. This is because it is the standard size that looks good and helps you enjoy your favourite movies in the right size. You can always Netflix and chill at the best of television designs.

When the time comes to purchase a new television set, it is important to know all of the facts instead of just buying whatever available online. Having television technology explained is the best way to understand what is best for you. These televisions include technology that produces the best picture available on a television today.

Ideally, some of the best brands are sure to make several sizes and 42 inch tv seems to be one of the popular choices. So, you should check out the models that we have listed there. The underlying idea is to ensure that you are not relying your decision on the screen size alone as you should make sure that you are checking the different specifications that are a part of the television. From the picture quality to the type of screen, the number of ports, whether it is a smart tv or not, the number of connection it supports and so on; each of these factors assumes pivotal importance. So, choose wisely.

1. Soulaca 42” TV

Featured with built-in Wi-Fi, Smart TV technology, and Full HD 1080p, this 42” waterproof TV provides a high-resolution picture while also allowing the user to browse the web or access smart apps to easily find his favorite media. The user can also take advantage of the USB port to view his personal media. The TV can be hung on the wall in the swimming pool, shopping mall, bathroom, kitchen, and any other wet environments. The TV remote is ip68 waterproof that means the remote can be used while bathing.

2. PHGo 42 inch TV

Designed with the ability to bring real visual effects, this high-definition LED TV offers great image quality, a clear and crisp detailed picture, and brings an amazing visual experience for the user. This TV can be placed anywhere like hotels, living room, music restaurant, business meeting, KTV singing, apartments, and so on. This TV is featured with an exquisite black body with a glossy finish and the base is crafted meticulously to provide stability. With improved contrast and image level, this TV brings light and dark details clearly.

3. Westinghouse WR42FX2002 42- Inch TV

Westinghouse Full HD Roku TV offers an unequaled entertainment experience that fits the user’s lifestyle. This TV allows the user to stream top free or paid programming services like Peacock, Disney +, Apple TV, Netflix, Prime Video, etc. It provides excellent image resolution with unparalleled quality and clarity. The user can get to the entertainment even faster and voice control the streaming on the free Roku Mobile App. This Smart TV is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled services. It provides crystal-clear audio with improved dialogue and enhanced loudness.

4. Sony Grand WEGA KF-42WE610 42-Inch TV

Featured with the ability to provide vibrant colors and pixel-perfect clarity, this TV is a terrific choice for medium-sized and smaller rooms. With a picture resolution of over one million pixels, this TV offers high-quality sources like DVDs and HDTV. The LCDs are progressive in nature and Sony’s WEGA Engine processing enhances the picture’s consistently smooth, flicker-free, 3-dimensional quality. The LCD panels eliminate misconvergence and other limitations of conventional CRT-based rear-projection TVs while greatly reducing the potential for image ‘burn-in’. The high-contrast protective screen is featured with an anti-reflective coating that prevents eye fatigue.

5. Sylvania LC420SS8 42-Inch TV

The elegantly-designed Sylvania LC420SS8 42” Wide HDTV LCD TV with Full HD 1080p provides the ultimate home entertainment experience with stunning picture quality. Fully loaded with a vast array of features including HDTV compatibility, this special and limited edition TV also provides convenient sound control options. This black-colored TV can be placed anywhere including the living room, business room, office, etc., and enhances the beauty of the place. It is featured with three A/V inputs including 2 HDMI and 1 PC input. The clear pix high-performance engine delivers an excellent visual experience.

6. PHGo 4K 42-Inch TV

Featured with Full HD 1080p resolution, this LED TV has a wider screen that offers a high-response display creating a more expansive spectrum of colors thereby creating a more realistic image. It allows streaming of audio and image collection without any hassle and is compatible with both Mac and PC. This LED TV monitor can be easily mounted on the wall thereby saving space and enhancing a clean design. It is featured with a detachable base stand that makes the wall-mounting process simpler. It offers multi-viewing modes and built-in full-range stereo speakers for full home entertainment.

7. PHGo 42-inch TV

This Android Smart 4K network TV is featured with a high-performance product design that offers all-round audio-visual quality. The sound system of the TV is designed in a way to enhance the sound level and sound field by adopting a two-way sound design. It can synchronize the mobile phone screen, mobile phone pictures, online TV movies, and games that can be displayed on the TV. It can also be connected to a wireless network thereby allowing the user to watch mass HD movies. Because of the HD resolution and LED technology, this TV offers crystal-clear pictures.

8. PHGo 4K 42-Inch TV

This 4K high-definition colorful screen TV is featured with a wide color gamut that shows the beauty of true colors and is inbuilt with the ability to restore super-quality images that delivers an excellent visual experience. The other features that attract customer’s attention include Wi-Fi connection function, quad-core high-performance processor, and large memory. Equipped with two high-end audio speakers, this TV allows the user to enjoy a great sound experience while watching movies or playing games. The TV can be placed on the TV cabinet or mounted on the wall to save space.

9. PHGo 42-inch TV

Featured with a simple and minimalist design, this TV can be mounted on the wall which not only saves space but also makes installation easier, and is equipped with a movable base. It is featured with a Full HD 1080p high-resolution display that helps to create a wide range of colors to provide a more realistic picture. This TV is designed with the ability to play audio streams and view image collections easily. The TV comes with a smart remote that helps to navigate through the channels and functions.

10. Sharp Aquos LC42D64U 42-Inch TV

The Sharp LC-42D64U is another elegant, high-performance HDTV from the leader in LCD technology. The glare-resistant screen’s full 1080p picture resolution ensures maximum picture clarity and detail on all video sources, especially HD material. Besides doing more and costing less, this TV is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than the previous 42” model. Engineered with a high-gloss black finish, this TV enhances the beauty of the place or wall. The response time of the TV is just 4ms and the TV is featured with a Multi-Pixel screen technology that offers better viewing from the sides.