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10 Best 18 inch girls bikes

Bike riding is one of the most enthusiastic exercises and helps us and our young ones grow. The early age of 3 to 10 is when kids develop and grow the most and they should be provided with all necessary equipment and support which can help them for a better build.

The bikes have gone unisex. Girls and boys both can be seen in interchangeable shades of colors. A similar thing happens with bikes as well.  However, it is considered that the shades of a bike decide the owner of the same. Girls usually prefer having a pink or bright-colored bike that suits their mood. But there are certain other shades as well which are unexplored by little dolls and we have come up with a few of the best shades. The best is to go for the branded designs of bike that offers style, quality, and assurance. There are different types of popular brands that you will find in the market that designs bikes for girls.  

So, if you are thinking of buying a new bike for your daughter and you aren’t able to judge the best buy, this article is for you. We have come up with the 10 best options to choose from on the basis of styling, color, and utility.

1. RoyalBaby Girls Kids Bike Stargirl 12 14 16 18 Inch Bicycle 3-9 Years Old Basket Training Wheels Kickstand Pink Blue Child's Cycle

Any vehicle, be it a motorbike, car or even a kid’s bike, it should match the owner’s personality. Your little princess also deserves a bike which shouts out loud about her presence in the field The RoyalBaby girls’ kids’ bike has a lot of attitude which converts into performance. The bright red colour is complemented by the pink and white inserts. The handlebar grip, seat support, support wheels hub, and rims are painted pink. Also, the handlebar, tyre, and seat are hued in white. The handlebar ends are garnished with pink ribbons and a basket is installed for utility

2. Royalbaby RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle BMX Bicycle Gifts Children Bikes Inch

A cycle is one of the best equipment for cycling and kids usually needs to have the same for their muscular growth. The RoyalBaby Kids bike is an absolute gem and no-nonsense bike that received a smart look thanks to the simplistic frame painted in pink colour. The handlebar is set in a comfortable position. The seat height is adjustable and the rear has a bottle holder which is good for a half litre plastic bottle. The front-wheel has hand brakes and the rear has coaster brakes for safer stopping power.

3. RoyalBaby Girls Kids Bike Jenny Bunny 12 14 16 18 20 Inch Bicycle 3-12 Years Old Basket Training Wheels Kickstand White Pink Child's Cycle

If the talk is about personality, the RoyalBaby Jenny Bunny bike could be one fine contender. It has a thick portion in the middle of the bike which looks premium and adds to the feel of the bike. It is further divided into two parts to complete the frame. The white colour being the primary one on the frame and baby pink being the second one the handlebar, forks, and rims offer a great combination. While the handlebar ends show off the swag with decorative ribbons, the front basket offers decent space for storage.

4. Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 inch wheels for Ages 2 Years and Up, Pink, Purple or Teal, Balance or Training Wheels, Adjustable Seat

Though most of the girls always prefer to go with the shades of pink, this cycle could be a different thing for them that actually suits them. The Schwinn Elm bike has a chrome handlebar with purple handle grip. It also has a green basket that can be used for juice bottles, lunch boxes, etc. The light green frame is thick and seems strong. The seat is hues in purple and offers decent cushioning. The rims are painted in green again and wrapped with contrast black tyres. While the support wheels look rigid, they also look stylish.

5. JOYSTAR Angel Girls Bike 12 14 16 18 Inch Kids Bike with Training Wheels for 2-9 Years Old, 18 Inch Kids Bike with Kickstand, Toddler Bicycle, Blue, Fuchsia, Purple

The JOYSTAR Angel girl’s bike is a good one for beginners. It has a smart-looking style and is complimented with contrast and matching colours. The handlebar has a minor hump for better comfort over potholes and bad patches. There are no hand brakes and the bike can be halted by cycling backwards using coaster brakes. The teal colour of the frame is well complemented by while and pink shaded all across the bike. The seats are cushioned well for little ones while the basket is well shaped for nitty gritty.

6. JOYSTAR Paris Girl's Bike for Ages 3-9 Years Old, Children Bike with Training Wheels for 12" 14" 16" 18" Kid's Bike, Kickstand for 18" Kids Bicycle

A touch of pink can add so much of glamour to a bike and the JOYSTAR Paris Girl’s bike is a clear witness of the same. This bike’s frame is painted in the light green shade with multiple pink coloured graphics. The handlebar is white and boasts a pink grip. The central bar is wrapped with frame coloured PVC wrap. The seat has ample softness. The seat along with rims received a pink shade which can also be seen on the full chain cover. It is a great bike to start with and has ample grunt to let your kid learn this skill.

7. JOYSTAR Starry Kids Bike with Hand Brake and Basket for 3-9 Years Girls, 14 16 18 Inch Youth Bike with Training Wheels and Fenders, Children Bicycle

The unique styling of this bike reflects in the colour combination. The darker shade of pink blended with white shade looks different yet beautiful. The handlebar is a simple unit painted in frame’s shade and has a black grip on either side. The basket in the front has dummy flowers which look cool. The frame looks to be solid due to its thickness. The seat is wide and comfortable for your little one. The chain cover has good graphics and covers the chain completely. This bike fits perfectly with your kid’s appeal and performs well too.

8. Cycmoto Unicorn 12 14 16 inch Kids Bike for Boys & Girls with Training Wheels,18 inch with Kickstand Toddler Bike with Basket & Handbrake Blue Pink Purple

The Cycmoto Unicorn kids bike has a stylish “Y” shaped frame. This bike has a rigid frame which is capable of minor jerks and stress. There’s a chrome finished handlebar which is connected to pink handle grip on either side. The seat has a rear handle for support from adults. The seat is comfortable and can be adjusted for height. The front basket can be used to keep bottles, juice, and chocolates. The white rims well compliment the contrast black tyres and look classic.

9. NiceC BMX Kids Bike with Dual Disc Brake for Boy and Girl 12-14-16-18 inch Training Wheels

The NiceC BMX kids bike is one of its kind and offers a strong style quotient. It has a unique frame design which looks futuristic and precise and well-shaped. The handlebar is a humped unit which feels extremely comfortable. It houses brakes levers for both the wheels. The wheels are coloured black and look sporty with black tyres. The frame, as mentioned, is robust and creates an “N” pattern. The rear wheel has a disc brake which stops the bike in a shorter span of time. Both the wheels receive small units of mud guard which are functional for muddy and wet surfaces.

10. PHOENIX KAKU Kids Bike for Boys and Girls, 12 14 16 18 inch with Training Wheels, in Multiple Colors

The PHOENIX KAKU kids bike has a classic motorcycle appearance and one of the best colour combinations. The white frame has ample amount of white text and graphics to make it look great. The handlebar is tall and offers decent riding posture in combination with a well distant seat. The seat is comfy enough for your doll and can be adjusted for height. The front basket is black-coloured and can store enough luggage for an evening outing. The calliper hand brakes offer good stopping potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good for a girl to ride a bicycle?

Absolutely! Bicycling is a great way for girls to stay healthy, be outdoors and explore their surroundings. Not only does it provide a fun way for them to get some exercise, but it’s also highly educational, helping to teach them about the environment, physics and even basic mechanics. Furthermore, riding a bicycle may encourage self-reliance and confidence as they learn how to maneuver around obstacles on their own.

What should I look out for when purchasing a girl’s bike?

When purchasing a girl’s bike you should always make sure that it fits correctly, has appropriate gearing and brakes, has good quality components and is made from strong materials such as aluminium or steel alloy frames to ensure optimal durability. Also, remember to make sure the bike’s color is liked by your child.

How do I know which size bike is right for my daughter?

The best way to determine the correct size bike for your daughter is to measure her inseam height and then compare that against the manufacturer’s recommended sizing chart or size guide. Depending on the brand, there may also be different designs that accommodate different age groups or riders’ preferences.


When it comes to buying a bicycle for your daughter, the choices can seem overwhelming. The 10 best 18-inch girl bikes we’ve reviewed are reliable and well-made, offering excellent value for your investment. All of these bikes come with great features such as adjustable seats, durable frames, and smooth rides, meaning you can trust your daughter is safe and sound while she rides around in style. Keep an eye on the size and weight of the bike to make sure it’s right for her age, height, and needs. With these 10 great options, you’re sure to find the perfect bike for your daughter!